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Morning Routine Essentials

So recently I’ve had some queries on a morning skincare routine and how to incorporate
some self care activities into it. So today’s post is based off of my personal morning
routine to give you guys a brief overview on how I take care of myself.
NOTE: Some of these things you guys may think are just everyday tasks however some
people who are struggling with anxiety and depression do find it hard to complete
some of these tasks on the daily. AND this is why I blog to help EVERY one of you
no matter your everyday struggles and your lifestyle.

– Shower; Showering in the morning can allow you to feel refreshed and ready for
the day! Its a great way to hydrate your skin and for overall cleanliness. DON’T

– Cleanse face; During semester I do tend to break out due to stress so to prevent these
from being too bad I cleanse every morning with Bio-Rejuv and then moisturize my face with
Simple Skin Moisturizer and then add some Rosehip Oil as well

– Moisturize body; This is my favorite part! Currently I’m using Nip + Fabs Glycolic Fix
Body Gel but I love any form of Cocoa Butter as well. Not only is moisturizing great
for your skin but it also means that you have pride in taking care of yourself!

– Moisturize lips; I also suffer from dry and chapped lips so I’m in constant need of
reapplying any form of lip balm throughout the day! I’ve found that the best one that
works for me is Maybelline Baby Lips and I love the berry anti-oxidant one.

So this is my basic morning routine that helps me begin the day with my best foot forward.
I’m not telling you that you are limited to these 4 activities because you can do whatever
you like and I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT if you shared them with us via Instagram by tagging
Self Care Blog or even just commenting on this post. We love to hear any feedback you guys
might have as well.

Take care!

-Self Care Blog X

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