Self Care

10 Benefits On Why You Should Have a Self Care Routine

1. Reduces stress; incorporating self care into our everyday routines allows us to take a break from our everyday stress and feel more in touch with ourselves.

2. Reduces feelings of anxiety and depression; a lack of self care can cause us to feel run down so taking the time to care for ourselves enables us to have valuable “me” time.

3. Physical health benefits; incorporating physical self care into our routines like exercising, meditation and eating healthy can have amazing benefits to our physical and overall health.

4. Achieve balance; having time out to de-stress and regather our thoughts enables us to work better in other areas in our lives whether it’s work, study, social or family related allowing us to achieve overall balance.

5. New skills; participating in new and different hobbies can also be another way to practice self care. Doing so can allow us to build new skills and expand on old skills.

6. Self love; practicing self care enables us to be more in tune with our feelings and to become more positive. Living a life that you are happy in allows us to love ourselves even more.

7. Influence others; they say that our vibe attracts our tribe so by involving ourselves in self care activities not only will we attract others similar but we can also influence others to start the much needed journey of self care.

8. Mindfulness; making time for ourselves can allow us to be more self aware of our feelings and of ways that can help us feel positive.

9. Reduces procrastination; taking a break reduces our stress levels and enables us to have a clearer mind allowing us to have better concentration on elements that need it most whether it be work, study or family.

10. Increases personal development; all of these benefits enables us to increase our personal development and if we can achieve self care and self love. Self actualization is the next and final step to leading a healthy and happy life.

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