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Easiest Self Care Ideas

What are your biggest excuses for not engaging in self care activities?  It could be due to not having enough time, resources or simply because you have no idea where to start.

For me I found it so hard to keep up with everything while juggling my full-time study, part-time work, family and social commitments as well as looking after myself.

So I have come up with some ideas of the EASIEST ways anyone with a spare few minutes can participate in.

1. Taking a bath or a shower; not only are these beneficial to having a clean body but they also allow you to have a spare couple of minutes of me time.

2. Moisturizing/Skin care routine; not only is it great for hydrating your skin but it also helps you feel like you really are taking care of yourself.

3. Planning/Having a journal; making a list of things you need or would like to achieve everyday is an awesome way to start the day. Writing a to do list in order not to forget things is also very stress relieving.

4. Reading a book; getting your favourite book out or even hopping down to the local library is one of my favourite ways to relax.

5. Watching TV/Movie; sometimes having that spare 30 minutes to watch that cringe worthy reality TV show can benefit your day/week.

6. Going for a walk; whether its with your pet(s), kid(s), partner, family or yourself getting yourself some fresh air can help you regather your thoughts and give your brain a rest.

7. Catching up with family or friends; surrounding ourselves with the ones we love the most not only lets us be who we are but allows us to remember that we’re not alone.

Do you have other ways that you like to do to unwind? Share it in the comments to help more people achieve the self care and love they deserve.

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