Our Favourite Self Care Apps

We live in such a technological world at the moment that there is a huge range of different apps out there that can help us along the way of our self care journey. We have compiled a list of our favourite apps that can be enjoyed FREE of charge.

NOTE: All of these are currently found on Apple App Store and may not be compatible with other brands.

  • Colourfy; a free colouring app that helps calm you down easier with the use of beautiful designs and a hige range of colours. Super easy to use and doesn’t need WIFI so can be used on the go!
  • Smiling Mind; is a meditation app that can create mindfulness and calmness. With the use of many exercises and different lengths it can be altered to your specific style.
  • Hear and Now; an amazing anxiety breathing app that can help you become more relaxed during an anxiety attack.
  • Inflow Visual Notebook; this app is perfect for a digital bullet journal! We love how many uses it has and how the options to use this app are endless.
  • TED Talks; One of the best self development apps out. TED Talks can be informative, inspiring and entertaining. From a gallery of thousands of different talks this app is a must!
  • Health; If you own an IPhone this app is on your home screen. This app tracks all your health data and acts for a tracker of your activities, nutrition and sleep. It also has an input for your medical ID meaning that if you had an accident someone can check your medical ID on the app and know who you are, any medical conditions and an emergency contact.
  • Duolingo; another awesome self development app. Learning a different language is such an awesome hobby and with Duolingo it is made so easy and really fun. So many languages to learn from it is another perfect app for your phone.

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